Cornerstone International ECO-Waste Management Program.

A Turnkey program that enables public and private healthcare facilities to eliminate or reduce non-hazardous waste that was otherwise destined for the landfill.

What does the program all entail you ask? Its as easy as setting up an account with us, ordering your boxes, filling them up and then scheduling a pickup…..all currently done manually via email and phone, but we will launch our online system in 2024.

Our pilot program is working with AMBU Healthcare Solutions Canada, and the sustainability project with all their Endoscopes. To remove their single use scopes from the landfill and turn it into renewable energy here in Canada. A destruction certificate is issued on each box incinerated to validate the green process initiative.

Full Details of the Program:

1. Set -up an account with us and provide your full contact details, billing and shipping information, as well as your pick up location.

2. Place your order with us. For a Pak of 5 or 10 as needed. The boxes are sized for the dimensional weight requirement as part of our waste to energy requirement standard. In Terms of AMBU endoscopes,  that means means we will have 2 sizes of boxes:  1. Uro/ENT and, and 2. Broncho/Gastro. In each box will fit 40 scopes with all packaging for each scope to be sent.

3. Boxes are Shipped directly to your facility from our location in Winnipeg. We recommend that you gather in your own Bio plastic bags and then placed in our boxes for transport. Or place your Bio bags in our box and gather your scopes in that way.

4. Fill you boxes to the limit of 40 scopes, package them up and then contact us to  schedule a pickup. The shipping labels will be sent with the original order, we just need to schedule the pick up of that specific waybill through our carrier.

5. You will be invoiced for your order upon confirmation of pick up by our carrier. Payments are completed via electronic transfer, credit card, or etransfer as applicable. terms and conditions will be set out as per the account registration is set up.